Apple iOS 13.1.3 Update Causes New iPhone Failures

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George Herman
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Ever since iOS 13 was released, numerous problems were reported by users. Some of these bugs remain unsolved to this date.

The ‘Ultra Wideband Update Failed’ error on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

The latest serious problem was discovered by wccftech. They share that iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro users have been getting a ‘Ultra Wideband Update Failed‘ error, right after they’ve updated to the new iOS 13.1.3 and the 3rd beta of iOS 13.2.

Ultra Wideband Update Failed. Your iPhone cannot use Ultrawide band until it has been updated.

If you see this message, then the iOS 13.1.3 update (or iOS 13.2 beta 3) has caused the new Ultra Wideband U1 chip to fail.

The thing is, there isn’t any new public update available beyond the 13.1.3 one, and it’s been reported that the latest iOS 13.2 beta is also causing the same issue for some users. The issue can also be seen on the Apple Support Communities page:

Just did the update to 13.1.3 and got this error for the first time. Guess I’ll be taking a trip to the store tomorrow.

Some users share that they’ve taken their devices to an Apple Store, where the problem has been identified as a hardware issue:

I had to go to the Apple store and they did the diagnostics and confirmed it was hardware issue and was replaced with a new device.

What is the purpose of the Ultra Wideband U1 Chip

This chip enables the sharing of extremely precise location data between phones from the iPhone 11 series. Thanks to the U1 chip, users can share files via AirDrop just by pointing their iPhone devices at one another.

And now, it seems that this hardware issue, which came as a consequence of an unreliable software update, cannot be fixed with software.

Apple has made a dedicated support page, which addresses the issue. The company also says that if none of the recommended steps has worked to fix the issue, users should take their devices to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or contact Apple Support.

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