Apple Apologizes for Continuous Problems with Macbook Keyboards

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George Herman
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Back in April 2015, Apple released a MacBook with a brand new ‘butterfly’ keyboard. Due to their goal to make the MacBook as thin as possible, they implemented a butterfly mechanism, aiming to replicate the feeling of a more traditional keyboard, but with much flatter keys than the ones from older versions of the device. Needless to say, it wasn’t flawless.

In October 2016, a MacBook Pro with a second-generation butterfly keyboard hit the shops. But the same problems appeared. Users reported that some of the letters or characters don’t appear, that particular keys get stuck or that letters get repeated unexpectedly while typing.

Moving on in the year 2018, the company released a statement that only a small percentage of MacBook/MacBook Pro users are reported to have been experiencing troubles with their keyboards. They tried to resolve the issue by launching a special keyboard repair program for those particular users.

In June, the same year, Apple launched a new MacBook Pro with a third-generation butterfly keyboard, claiming that the issue has been fixed. A few months later, a new MacBook Air was released with the same upgraded keyboard mechanism.

Till this date, there are some users that still have the same issue, even with the latest version of MacBook Pro/MacBook Air. The most reported faulty keys being E, R, T, and O.

It is widely rumored that Apple was aware of the trouble all along, ever since the launch of the new mechanism back in 2015.

But what exactly makes the keyboard so prone to errors? Well, it turns out that when the smallest piece of dust finds its way underneath a key, it will jam it up. Supposedly, Apple tried to hide this fact by updating the keyboard in 2018, while claiming the changes were made for “quieter typing” only.

Here is what a spokesperson for the company recently said about the still relevant issue:

We are aware that a small number of users are having issues with their third-generation butterfly keyboard and for that we are sorry.” The person also commented that “The vast majority of Mac notebook customers are having a positive experience with the new keyboard.”

Here is what you, as a user, can do, in order to stay satisfied with the product, without fearing that you too might experience troubles with the MacBook keyboard:

  • Buy extended warranty;
  • Rely on the manufacturer for keyboard repairs.

Bear in mind that Apple doesn’t make it easy, or even possible for users to get repairs from anyone who is not an official representative of the company.

With a brand new MacBook Pro rumored to be released sometime in 2019, we can only hope that the company has learned from their mistakes and fixed the problem that has been troubling a lot of MacBook users.

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