A Suspicious ‘Leaked’ Image of the New Mac Pro Circulates the Web

George Herman
George Herman
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A curious ‘leak’ emerged on Imgur, regarding the modular Mac Pro that Apple is supposedly working on. The image shows a Mac Pro 7.1 codenamed Phoenix. It seems like someone has snapped a photo of an Apple presentation slide, though some elements of the product raised suspicion on whether or not this is genuine.

From what can be seen, the alleged design will be with measurements of 7.7” wide, 11.55” tall, and 11.55” long, making it relatively square and very different from the previous modular model. Views from the top, the bottom and the side are included as well.

Moving on to the specifications list, there are some rather strange elements that raise suspicion and make it hard to believe that this ‘leak’ is the real deal. Among the listed elements is an Intel Xeon W Cascade Lake-X processor with the Apple T2 security chip and Apple X2 accelerator. What makes the whole image highly unlikely is the RAM specification.

A DDR5 memory in a SO-DIMM format is yet to be officially announced, not to mention that the official DDR5 release is expected to occur well into 2020. This slip makes the entire Mac Pro claim dubious. Also, the fact that the document’s last modification was back in November 2018 (according to the date at the bottom left corner), doesn’t help make this ‘leak’ legit.

Another element that catches the eye is the Thunderbolt 4, which is also yet to be announced. In comparison, the announcement of Thunderbolt 3 came in 2015, and its inclusion in Mac products was not until 2016 in the MacBook Pro.

Most rumors suggest that the modular Mac Pro will not be available before 2020, and that it may use a stacking system.

Apple is known for its secrecy, so the occurrence of ‘leaks’ are highly unlikely. So until they officially reveal any of their future products, we cannot know if such leaks are actually true.

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