Apple Names Sabih Khan Senior Vice President of Operations

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George Herman
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It looks like Apple’s top teams are experiencing some huge changes in the leadership department. After the announcement that Apple’s tech designer Jony Ive is departing, it’s been reported that there will be a new VP of operations.

Sabih Khan is an Apple veteran who’s playing a key role in delivering the company’s products on the market ever since the late 1990s. Yesterday, Apple added him on the company’s executive team as a senior vice president of Operations.

Khan will be in charge of Apple’s global supply chain, as well as ensuring product quality. A lot of his new responsibilities were previously handled by Jeff Williams – Tim Cook’s right hand. But now, due to Jony Ive’s departure, Williams will be spending more time with the design team.

I’ve been privileged to work with Sabih for more than 20 years, and you won’t find a more talented operations executive anywhere on the planet,” said Williams. “He is a world-class leader and collaborator, and I have no doubt that he will be the best leader of the Ops team in Apple’s history.”

Before Khan joined Apple’s procurement group in 1995, he worked as an applications development engineer and key account technical leader at GE Plastics. He has bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, as well as a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

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